Revolutionary new dietary supplement Complexes


In the past few thousand years Aloe Vera was processed and applied in various ways: its dried leaves were ground or boiled or they were even toasted in the open fire. Although some found the best procedure and crushed the Aloe leaves, thus establishing the optimal technology for the extraction of Aloe gel of modern times. The technology of our products allows the Aloe to reach the customer in its entire purity, consistency and naturalness.

We can come across with quite a few Aloe Vera products every day but it certainly makes a difference which aloe products you choose, how we treat, transport and process (...etc.)  it.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology our products do not contain added water, artificial colouring and flavour inhancers. Alveola Kft. was founded ten years ago with the specific intention of helping those wanting a healthy lifestyle as well as supporting with quality products the everyday work of estheticians. The strict and obligatory quality control ensures the constant stability and outstanding standards of our products.