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ALVEOLA ALOE VERA diet supplementaries

As we know, the external beauty comes from within as well and to preserve it, it is important to consume diet supplementaries nowadays.
In Hungary the ORIGINAL ALVEOLA ALOE VERA Drink and Gel are typically used for reinforcing the immune-system. You can learn more about the wider use of our ALOE VERA products on our website. You can get information about the Alveola Aloe Vera herbal cosmetics and about the effects of Aloe Vera. On our „TIPS” page you can see some useful pieces of advice on slimming diets and coctail receipts made from Aloe Vera.
If you open an encyclopaedia, you will find the following, among other things, about the aloe vera*:

Aloe gel: analgetic, antiphlogistic; it accelerates the healing process in case of ulcers, burns or frostbites; it quickens the epithelisation, the regeneration of the skin.”

Aloe juice: it has an anti-bacterial effect; it is good for stopping bacterial contaminations in the colon and in the ilium. It is also effective in case of a stomach ulcer since it decreases the production of the gastric acid, which causes the ulcer.”

                                                                                                                     Source: Wikipedia Internet

The development of a part of the diseases can be traced back to wrong nourishment and way of life that is why it is important to reinforce the defensive system of our organism.


The healing, immune-reinforcing effect of the Aloe Vera plant was recognised even in the acient cultures. The leaves of the Aloe Vera contain that thick, jelly-like, specially beneficial juice, with which most people identifies the Aloe Vera and what makes this plant much more valuable than any other. .The Original Aloe Vera Drink and Gel contain vitamins, amino-acids, minerals, trace elements and enzymes thus they have a cleaning, cell-recuperative effect. Through its components, the Aloe gives you one of the most perfect „vitamin coctail” of the nature. This product is a real source of nutriment!
The thousand years old carrier of the Aloe Vera is due to its successful application in numerous cases. During history the Aloe has been a popular drug for releiving different kinds of illnesses. We can find mentionings about the aloe vera even in the ancient Egypt culture. Later Greek physicians wrote about the effect of the Aloe Vera and its preparation and ways of application.  In the early mediaeval both European and Arab physicians wrote about the Aloe Vera. Its use became wider and wider in the second part of the Middle Ages. At that time the first Aloe Vera plantations appeared and the ingathering and selection of the most suitable types of Aloe started. People thought that the Aloe is very effective in the treatment of stomach-complaints and constipation and in stopping the irregular functioning of the kidney and the bladder.

„There are four plants which are indispensable to human life: wheat, grape olive and aloe. The first one feeds you, the second one makes your heart happy, the third one gives you harmony and the fourth one makes you healthy.” 

                                                                                 (Christopher Columbus)