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Original Aloe Vera Drink with cranberries (93%)

Contains 92.8% original Aloe Vera gel and 7% cranberry juice concentrate.

The effect of the fibre-rich Aloe Vera gel on our digestion is well recognized, so in case of gastro-intestinal problems and metabolic problems it can be recommended for detoxification and to generally support and strengthen the body. The cranberry juice complements the positive health effects of the original Aloe Vera gel beneficially. In folk medicine cranberry is recommended primarily to maintain the health of the urinary tract and for the prevention a ariety of urinary tract infections. Due to its pleasant taste it is well liked by children as well. Due to the controlled production process the drink contains no added water, sweeteners, colourings and flavourings. Aloin and emodin free product.

Daily dose for the preservation of health is 30-60ml per day (in the morning before eating). For children above 3 years of age 1x30ml is recommended daily. May be consumed alone or mixed with fruit juice to taste.