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Aloe Vera Spray with spreader

The First Aid Aloe Vera Spray  (500 ml, familypack) is an effective solution to treat the skin's minor irritations.

The Original Alveola Aloe Vera Spray (500 ml, family-pack) contains Aloe Vera Gel stabilized in 100%.  The First Aid - Aloe Vera Spray is an effective solution to treat the skin’s minor irritations. Beside the Aloe Vera gel widely known to have healing properties, this spray of soothing effect contains numerous important herbal extracts (Allantoin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, Meadow-sweet, Centella asiatica, Roman camomile, Medical sage, Ginko Biloba, Black Elderberry, Malic acid, Ainoacids).
It is an immediate aid at home or during travelling. It is applicable for the follow-up treatment for minor injuries, contusions, cuts, bruises, minor burn injuries, sunburn, bites and rashes. It is good to treat diaper rashes, too.
It has skin soother, pain killer, anti-inflammatory effects and at the same time it accelerates the regenerating processes of the injured tissues.

Recommended consumer price: 3990 HUF/ 500 ml