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Do the products contain guargum?
No, they do not. The Original Aloe Vera products of ALVEOLA Ltd. do not contain either any condenser or substance improving ingredients.

What makes the blackberry-flavoured drink red?
The ORIGINAL BLACKBERRY-FLAVOURED ALOE VERA DRINK contains original blackberry concentrate in low quantity. This colours it and gives the pleasant, refresing blackberry taste to the drink.

For how long does one bottle of Aloe Vera Drink last?
It very much depends on the consumer since one can drink from it from 30 ml up to 100-200 ml a day.  Of course, it is recommended that one bottle should be drunk in one month since it should not be kept in the refrigerator for more than one month after opening.

What is Aloe Vera Gel good for?
You can find a detailed answer to this question in the „Genaral introduction” and on our „Silent healer” site.

Does the Aloe Vera have any side effects?
If such an up-to-date technology is used in extracting the aloe-gel like the one used in case of the ALVEOLA products, no side effects can be expected.

What is the difference between the aloe drink of the Alveola and other aloe drinks?
The technology for extracting the gel and the continuous quality control. Where and old technology is used in extracting the gel, a purgative effect may occour. This cannot occur with our products and this gives their primeness.

Is there any difference between the fibrous and the cranberry-flavoured drinks?
The cranberry-flavoured ORIGINAL ALOE VERA DRINK also contains cranberry concentrate, which in this case increases the beneficial results of the aloe by the positive physiological effects of the cranberry. Cranberry contains quite a lot of vitamins, among others vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, and A. It has a high tannic acid and phosphorus content. It is a perfect blood-cleanser and is good for detoxication. It is the children’s favourite because of its taste. The fibrous ORIGINAL ALOE VERA DRINK (because of it ribrous content) gives extra help to the digestive system.

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