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Tips and ideas – Slimming diet, cold, coctails




• 2 parts of orange juice
• 2 parts of pineapple juice
• 1 part of mineral water
• 30 ml ORIGINAL ALVEOLA ALOE VERA DRINK with blackberry flavour
• broken ice

• 2 dl mineral water (carbonated)
• the juice of one lime
• 1 drop of rum aroma
• leaves and twig of mint
• ice cubes

• 2 dl mineral water (carbonated) 
• the juice of half a lemon or lime
• 2-3 tea-spoons of sugar syrup or cube sugar
• 30 ml ORIGINAL ALVEOLA ALOE VERA DRINK with blackberry flavour
• ice cube
                                                                                                             Cheers! GOOD HEALTH!


There are hardly any people who are satisfied with their weight. It is true: most of the Hungarian inhabitants is overweight or fat. That is why a lot of people are fighting with their weight every day, they are on a slimming diet. Of course, it is not a Hungarian specialty. It is the same in many other countries of the world. A lot of people are trying mysterious products and powders with unknown origin.
The base of an effectual slimming diet is the accaptance and application of a diet and way of life specified by a good specialist.

The ORIGINAL ALVEOLA ALOE VERA DRINK is a splendid complementary to a slimming diet with its high content of vitamin, minerals, amino-acids and enzymes. According to the opinions of people on slimming diets, it pleasantly soothes and relieves the stomach pleasantly. Taking it every day, it is a perfect food supplementary and health-guard.

Aloe Spray napégésre 

Those, who have ever suffered a sunburn and used aloe vera afterwards, might have hymned the praise of its beneficial results. Almost there is nothing like the gel of this tropical plant, that would smooth the pain and inflammation like the aloe vera.
Spray ALOE VERY SPRAY, held in a refrigerator (not in the freezer) to the touched area and enjoy its cooling and smoothing effect.
Of course, you should see a doctor immediately in case of a more serious burn!





Beauticians, the beauty specialists of our age, also make use of our ORIGINAL ALOE VERA products, the adventages offered by the aloe vera, such as the regeneration after the dermabrasion tratments. It is a general opinion that using aloe vera does not show an immediate result but its continuous use brings you visible results.
Learn more about and enjoy the adventages of the original aloe vera spray:

• Relieving the burning feeling after waxing 
• After body shaving or shaving
• In case of seborrhoea, after cleaning your face

Spray ALOE VERY SPRAY, held in a refrigerator (not in the freezer) to the touched area and enjoy its cooling and smoothing effect.

Do not wait until the cold or the influenza strikes you down!
Drinking the Original Aloe Vera drinks is widely recommended all the year round since this totally pure plant contains a lot of vitamins, trace elements, amino-acids and minerals. One single dose of the Original Alveola Aloe Vera Drink is a real mineral and vitamin bomb and it is very important that it is not syntesized but it is magic made by the nature with harmonic and perfect balance. Its daily recommended dose is 30-60 ml, which can be easily measured with the 30 ml cap of the bottle. The daily dose can be safely increased to 2 x 100 ml. According to experiences, it is worth starting the cure at autumn or not later than when the frosty winter comes. Thus, full of vitamins and energy, we can wait for the rise up of the viruses and other winter illnesses without fear. We recommend the Original Aloe Vera Drink with Blackberry for children because of its pleasant and refreshing flavour. Of course, we can also try our own made Aloe coctails, for example we can combine fruit juices, tea or even vegetable juices. Drinking the Aloe Drink with tea, we should not forget to wait the tea to cool down since pouring the Drink into hot liquid may deteriorate some vitamins.
Choose health! 


More and more people give aloe vera even to their pets. We know about a riding school where the horses are given a dose of the ORIGINAL ALOE VERA DRINK every day. In his book „Aloe Vera even to our pets” David Urch deals with the excellent effect of the aloe vera on pets and about its application to them.

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